To Tread Lightly


And we “walk the talk” at our offices showing our customers what a truly sustainable workplace can be. We rehabilitated a 1930s era building with advanced technologies that include spray-foam insulation, “Low-E” windows, Geothermal HVAC, low VOC paints, LED lighting, low-flow water use sinks and toilets – and it’s all powered by a 10 Kw solar array with battery backup. We use a rain harvest system to water our building’s landscaping that includes a “garden” deck our employees use as a break area and an outside conference space. We even installed the first commercial EV charging station in west Atlanta. Electric cars can pull up to “re-fuel” at our offices including our president’s Nissan Leaf, an all electric car that gets him around Atlanta for meetings and sales calls. 

Chapter Two - Kilowatt Ours

Posted with permission from Jeff Barrie.

Energy saved since 1999

Millions saved since 1999


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