New Induction Light Kit saves thousands of dollars on electric bills


Many business owners try to sell more to offset rising operating costs and maintain profit margins. Some reduce expenses by shrinking payroll. However, controlling energy costs with some simple energy efficient updates to your business that will yield surprising results.

The first place to start is with lights in your canopy. They are big energy hogs. They operate anywhere from 5 to 14 hours a day and are a costly maintenance hassle to change. Why not do a simple retrofit to make them brighter, more efficient, and cost less in energy and maintenance? It sounds too good to be true but, here are the quick facts: 6% net light level increase, 67% decrease in energy consumption, instant on, no warm-up and are much less expensive than LED. Watch installation video here.

Energy & Environment, a leader in energy efficient lighting for convenience stores, has partnered with Fulham to create this simple induction light kit based our on extensive experience installing them all over the Southeast. The lights can be installed in under 10 minutes per unit. Owners are astounded by how much they save on their first month’s bill.

“These kits were perfected over dozens of installations,” says Energy & Environment, President, John Noel. “We created this kit because although we would like to install them at every convenience store in the country, we understand that this is not feasible. So we created the kit to help convenience store owner/operators take advantage now of the huge savings other owners have experienced using these lights.”

For turnkey install or product pricing, visit at or you can contact Energy and Environment directly at 404-794-2023.

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