In The Dark About Picking A Light Bulb? This FAQ Can Help

Buying a light bulb used to be a no-brainer. Now it's a brain teaser; the transition to more energy-efficient lighting means choosing from a dazzling array of products.

We've long identified bulbs by their wattage, but that is actually a measure of electricity, not the brightness of a bulb. The amount of light a bulb generates is measured in lumens.

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World’s river systems: Stressed OUT

From: Robin Blackstone, ENN
Published March 24, 2014 02:16 PM

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI) many, if not most of the world's rivers are stressed. Determining a systems water stress is based upon measuring the ratio of total water withdrawals to the available renewable supplies within the catchment area. Rivers are an indispensible resource for our communities and ecosystems and we are hugely dependent upon them for agriculture, industry and our natural systems. A stressed river system can severely threaten regional water security and economic growth, and potentially contribute to political instability—especially in the absence of an adequate water-management plan.

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New Induction Light Kit saves thousands of dollars on electric bills

Energy & Environment provides convenience store owners inexpensive retrofit kits that reduce energy usage

Energy Bills are like death and taxes…inevitable, and like taxes, energy bills are nearly guaranteed to go up. However, there is a way to stop those increases. Stop using so much electricity. Sounds simple but convenience store owners are not always clear on where to start. Energy & Environment has created a custom solution that could reduce those bills by as much as 60%.

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Energy & Environment sponsors GreenLaw luncheon

John Noel, Energy + EnvironmentEnergy + Environment is a vital partner and supporter in the Sustainability Community in Atlanta. Recently it sponsored a luncheon hosted by GreenLaw and Southeastern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). The luncheon was a presentation by the Union of Concerned Scientists discussing their report "Ripe for Retirement". The report assessed the top coal plants that are polluters and too expensive to retrofit. The report promotes the conversation that these plants are the ones that are ready for retirement.


Lighting Al Fresco

This article appeared originally in Distributed Energy. We have placed part of the article here. To read the article in it's entirety click here.

Even outdoors, retrofits can eliminate some of the costs associated with outdated or inefficient lighting and still significantly reduce energy consumption.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

By Lori Lovely, Distributed Energy

Fewer options exist for exterior lights than are available for interior, believes John Noel, president and founder of Energy & Environment LLC, an Atlanta, GA-based company focused on energy audits and retrofits for increased energy efficiency. “You have the basics for roadway lighting: high-pressure sodium, which gives off an orange light and metal halide, which has a white light,” says Noel.

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To Tread Lightly

Sustainable WorkplaceEnergy + Environment is passionate about doing what we can to help our planet - our name says it all.  By helping our clients consume less electricity, we’re reducing the demand and associated emissions from off-site power generation. E+E is fanatical about more than just lighting – we strive for efficiency in our material use, vehicle operation, and waste recycling (hazardous and otherwise) from jobsites. Our company’s fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a heavy-haul van that runs on biodiesel. All metals and unregulated materials we remove from worksites are recycled and old lamps that contain mercury are remediated.

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