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GA Power SavingsEnergy + Environment replaced light fixtures throughout the multistory Mulberry Street parking deck in Macon, GA in 2013, reducing the building's energy consumption by 83%. Combining Daylight Harvesting with advanced lighting control solutions helped conserve energy, save money and improve aesthetics. The city anticipates saving $60,000 per year, which thanks to a shared savings arrangement, with pay through the savings, there is no out of pocket cost to Macon.


Bibb County Board of Commissioners

Bibb County Courthouse Complex In 2008, the Bibb County Board of Commissioners awarded a major lighting retrofit contract to Energy + Environment LLC. This contract included replacement of all bulbs and ballasts in the 210,000 sq. ft. Courthouse Complex (click here for data). The Complex consists of Commission Offices, Court Systems, District Attorneys Offices, Sheriffs Offices, IT Department, Human Resources, Finance and all associated administrative offices. 

Peachtree City and Savannah Convenience Stores Thanks to funding from the Recovery Act, Energy + Environment has been breaking new ground in retrofitting convenience stores across Georgia. More than 30 convenience stores have already taken part in upgrading their interior lighting, cooler (or refrigerator) door lighting, and outdoor canopy lighting – the first to participate in the program has already saved over $7,000 in the first year after the retrofits, along with over 54,000 KWh. Participating stores complete the upgrades with no up-front costs, allowing store owners to pay back into a revolving fund the estimated savings that occur over the 18 month period following installation. The retrofit fund promotes energy efficiency steps with quick payback periods.  

E+E’s unique solution that it first tried in Savannah (click here for data) was reducing from 50 canopy lights (more than needed for this store) to 38 lamps - reducing electricity consumption by approximately two thirds. But aside from simply reducing the number of LED canopy lights at any given store, the real energy-saving breakthrough came at a convenience center in Peachtree City (click here for data), where an induction lighting solution was found for canopy lights that fit payback requirements. E + E  developed, tested and successfully implemented a specially-made induction lighting retrofit kit for the typical metal halide canopy lights, a solution that reduced electricity consumption and cost far less than the LED solutions on the market. 

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